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October 24th, 2013 by Charlotte Babb

Armor is the New Black

Armor by Pink Absinthe on

Armor by Pink Absinthe on

A post from Amy Ratcliff on Fashionably Geek offers much in the way of ideas of steampunk, of fat acceptance, of corsetry and of what armor to wear with baby blue.  Read it here:

First, go and look at the pictures. Take a tissue because you will drool! Note the lace and beading on the bodice–that could be aded to any corset or as in this case, plastice-boned bodice.  The blue ribbon lacing definitely adds a princess look, with great contrast to the shoulder armor.

Another view of armor with feathered satin dress

Another view of armor with feathered satin dress

Then take a look at the armor itself. It might be possible to make something similar with foam, straps and rivets, if you are not into leatherwork. It’s the piercing and the shaded silver painting that makes this design fabulous and yet feminine.

Note the feathered top of the silver satin dress. It’s just a halter top with a pleated skirt. The feathers appear to be a separate piece connected to the neck with the lovely silver filigree. Feathers aren’t washable, so making them another layer makes sense.

Analyse what you see and think in terms of the parts that add up to the whole. I think I’ll give this look a  try, not that mine will turn out like Pink Absinthe’s, but I do like the looks of it. She also has an armored sleeve of light blue slubbed silk with lace and silver, and an amazing silver lace choker.

Now, think of how you can co-opt some of those ideas for your own pretties. If you want to purchase said armor, contact Pink Absinthe ( on message her  to get $20 discount + $10 delivery discount from )  Her shop is Most Droolworthy!

What I don’t recommend is your reading the comments on this article, which quickly degenerate into a flame toss of accusations. We’re bigger than that.