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November 17th, 2013 by Charlotte Babb

5 Questions to Ascertain your SQ: Steampunk Quotient

Marla-RobertsonYou already know what steampunk is, or you wouldn’t be here.
But you are still lacking confidence in your claim to steamcred, or you wouldn’t still be here.

Here’s some questions for you to analyze your inner neo-Victorian-HG-Wellsingtonian-JulesVernocity.

1. Are you intelligent? (Not as in if you are so smart, why are you not rich?)

Dumb people don’t get steampunk. √ Check.

2. Do you often ask why, why not and how come about things that other folks take for granted?

You don’t take things for granted and often feel that there must be a better way, or that if history had followed another track, things would be more fun. Or if we pretended that history was different…? Bonus points if you actually know some history.    √ Check.

3. Do you love the intricate, the layered, and the sparkly?

You find minimalism boring, being not only post-modern, but post-retro, post-vintage, post-Diesel, and post-Edwardian, and you are completely ready for the return of baroque-rocco. The Renaissance just didn’t have enough technology, though the clothes were awesome. Bouns points if you have boxes of fiddly bits, cloths, bling, plumbing and wiring for just in case.  √ Check.

4. Are you impressed by craftsmanship and engineering?

You know that design should be both functional and esthetically pleasing, (see #3.) and a little extra brass never hurt anything. Makers are awesome, and you have always liked to get your hands dirty. Bonus points if you can think of lots of things that need to be invented, even if you can’t personally invent them today.  √ Check.

5. Are you working on an alternative history/timeline/world narrative (novel, manga, screenplay, graphic novel, anime, song cycle, video,???) ?

You are exploring that alternate narrative, that sense of how the layers of the tesseract should have unfolded differently, and as that radiates in the æther  of your semiconscious mind, you are capturing it in some form. (Did we say anything about publication? No. )   √ Check.


If you are still reading, you know you are a Certified Steampunk. Gear up and crank on.