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November 8th, 2013 by Charlotte Babb

Review of Elegantly Frugal Costumes

While not a Steampunk costume book, this little black-and-white gem has many practical ideas for making what you have become what you want. After a section on authenticity and appearance, the writer includes sections on each time period that costumers for plays might need, including a section on the 1800s. The illustrations are line drawings, and indicate more how to see the costume in the mundane dress than how to make the changes.

Some patterns are sketched out, just enough to get you thinking:  a diagram for a wire bustle on p. 54, several Steampunk era hats on p. 74, and leggings on p. 87. This is not a picture book, however, but has good discussions on how to make the changes. It does assume you already know some sewing.

The primary benefit is the sketches that show how to look at a dress from the 1950s and make it look like the 1850s. Other time periods are included and described, Biblical, Renaissance, American Colonial, and the Roaring 20s. I bought this as a used library book, and so only paid about USD $5 for it, but it was money well spent. Street price is USD $17.00 For 125 pages, a lot of information is included. I’m glad I bought it.
The Amazon link to the right is an affiliate link. Buy a book and I get a nickel.

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