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November 22nd, 2013 by Charlotte Babb

Review of Steampunk Accessories

Upgrade your skillset and create new accessories for your next con. Not only are the projects very well done, but the DIY pages are illustrated with clear drawings, and the finished products are photographed to advantage on models. A short but good section is included on thrifting, including what to look for, how to decide if it is more valuable as it is or deconstructed, and how to clean and age the pieces. Basic jewelry and leather tips are part of the instructions.

Most of the projects are not size-constrained, but measuring instructions are included where needed to make a piece personal. The goggles on the cover, in particular, are very impressive, though crafted mostly of recycled plastic. The techniques used are applicable to other projects, so if you don’t need a glasses case, you might use the same ideas to mod a corset or top hat. Some of the ideas, such as a place to stash your earbuds, are ingenious and not something you might think of yourself. Others are well described and presented.

No clothing is discussed here, except for gloves and a belt, but accessorizing your existing costume, adds the steamy spice to what might otherwise be a bit mundane.

The book is well worth the USD $18.95, as includes traceable patterns and copy-capable textures and images for typewriter keys, numbers and textures, if you wish to make your things look exactly like the projects pictured.

The Amazon link to the right is an affiliate link. Buy a book and I get a nickel.

Tedman & Skeate. (2013). Steampunk accessories: 20 projects to help you nail the style from goggles to cellphone cases, gauntlets and jewelry. Haupage, NY, USA: Ivy Press.

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