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November 15th, 2013 by Charlotte Babb

Review of Steampunk Emporium

Fairies like Gears too! Not only does this book look lovely with its antique book design and full-color, sepia-tone pages, but it tells a story to go along with each of the 20 jewelry projects. The articles are cute and feature images of clockwork fairy models wearing the projects.

Since story-telling is a large part of character design in Steampunk, this aspect will help you design your character and make up a story about why you have each of your accoutrements. Several necklaces, broaches, medals, charms, absinth class charms, and a hatpin are included as projects. An index of projects and stories completes the book, along with a listing of resources and Steampunk groups.

The instructions are photographed well, and described clearly. A 22-page section of general jewelry and crafting tips is included in the back, also illustrated with photographs. Jewelry findings, polymer clay techniques and mixed media offer many design ideas for the gears between your ears to start turning. At USD $27.99, it’s a good deal if you don’t already know about making jewelry.

The Amazon link to the right is an affiliate link. Buy a book and I get a nickel.

Hewitt, J. (2011). Steampunk emporium: Creating fantastical jewelry, devices and oddments from assorted cogs, gears and curios. Cincinnati, OH: Northlight books.

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