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November 1st, 2013 by Charlotte Babb

Review of Steampunk Your Wardrobe by Callista Taylor

Callista Tayor, gaslight romance writer and seamstress extraordinaire, has a fabulous book on not only repurposing your own or thrifted clothing for Steampunk, but also has a great leather waist-cincher design, jewelry, a mini-top hat from cardboard and 15 other projects that will get you steamed up on the cheap and fabulous.  The one thing missing from this book is a list of places to find the fiddly bits, but you already know how to search Amazon and other craft emporia.  You already have almost anything she mentions, if you do any crafting at all.

Her sewing techniques are simple enough for novices, and she has a 6-page section of general instructions to get you started, including how to measure to make things fit you.  Color photographs illustrate each process, and some extra photos are included for inspiring your own ideas.

The section on the leathercraft to make the waist cincher is especially good, and I plan to try that for myself. Her pattern is based on your own measurements, so you can be sure to make it your size. A waist cincher is easier to wear than a full corset, and so might be a good first project for that western look that you’ve been considering.

I also want to try the capelet she made from a thrifted coat, if I can find one in a usable size and fabric. She basically cuts off the bottom of the coat above the elbow and works the sleeves into the seams. The wool coat she uses would be too warm for me, unless I were in an outside venue in the winter, but a lightweight coat might work very well inside.

For an all-you-need-to-know-to-get started book, this one is very reasonable at USD $19.99.

The Amazon link to the right is an affiliate link. Buy a book and I get a nickel.

Taylor, C. (2013) Steampunk your wardrobe: Easy projects to add Victorian flair to everyday fashions.  East Petersburg, PA: Design Originals.

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