Plus-Size Steampunk

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About Plus-Size Steampunk

Marilyn Monroe in "Bus Stop" from Wikimedia

We’ve got Big Gears,

and We Cannot Lie.

Those among us who are Big and Beautiful often don’t get the respect from marketers or retailers that previous eras would afford us.

Links to other sites are included, to save you the time of looking for them yourself. But the tips in this site are specifically for making things that will fit you, regardless of what you started with, to help you build a marvelous cosplay for the next steampunk event.

We never look or or feel average, and if we did, we wouldn’t be steampunks. Remember that Marilyn Monroe was the size of the “average” woman in America at 5’4” tall, 140 pounds, size 14 (Large). She was clearly far from average, and so are we.

So think BIG! Get your gears grooving and find your inner adventuress (countess, air pirate, trafficker…).


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